Gabi Richmond

MAPS Coach, business consultant, real estate expert, and avid foodie. Gabi Richmond is available by appointment for training, coaching, and consulting.


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Know the road = Get there faster

Dianna Kokoszka teaches that “success leaves clues.” Because of this, we believe the fastest way to get to your goals is to learn from those who have come before.

Here are Gabi’s recommendations:

Calendar Icon Learn to follow a schedule and time block

Upload to Cloud Icon Get tech-savvy to master the digital market

Map Marker Icon Learn your local market

Networking Icon Connect / Mastermind with other great agents

Double-Crossing Arrows Icon Engage in script practice

Buildings Icon Learn to track your analytics

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About Gabi Richmond

Gabi RichmondGabi Richmond is a co-founder of PB&G Home Group and a coach, consultant, and trainer for Keller Williams Realty International and MAPS Coaching. She coaches, consults, and teaches internationally. Gabi is passionate about the models and systems Keller Williams Realty Founder Gary Keller created to help real estate business owners “own business worth owning” and “lives worth living.”

In 2015, Gabi leveraged herself out of her first real estate venture in Oregon and is now rapidly growing her second real estate company on the coast of North Carolina.

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and music history respectively, Gabi has a wide variety of interests that go beyond selling real estate. In her free time, Gabi enjoys spending time in the kitchen, on the water, and at the yoga studio.